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Wholesaler of hairdressers Biddizzi | Training courses for hairdressers Sale and rental of machinery for aesthetics

Via Consolare Antica 383, 98071 Capo d'Orlando (Messina), Italia

Supplies and Training for Hairdressers and Beauticians.
Sale and Rental Equipment for Aesthetics

Our job is to take care of beauty professionals. For us training means giving the possibility to hairdressers and beauticians to always have the best trainers in the field of hairdressing and make-up, to be constantly updated on the latest techniques required by the market. Our philosophy is: #laformazioneacasatua because we take care of organizing courses in our premises that give the opportunity to many professionals in the sector including hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians to improve their technical and artistic skills.

1. Reconstruction and decoration of gel nails (in collaboration with Lady Nail)
2. Semi-permanent professional make-up courses (in collaboration with Clarissa)
3. Make-up (in collaboration with Bioesthè)
4. Cut, Color, Hair Hairstyles (in collaboration with Jungle Fever)
5. Refresher courses on cuts and fashion hairstyles (in collaboration with Charme & Beauty)
6. Hairstyles and Folds Made with Irons and Plates of the Company (in collaboration with Labor Upgrade)



Via Tonio Belledo 4
23900 Lecco, Italy
Tel. 0341 362328


Via Consolare Antica 383
98071 Capo d'Orlando (Messina), Italy
Tel. +39 0941 902993